Company Profile

HWIS Ltd is a custom software development company based in Geneva. Founded in 2007, we have diversified our activities over the years into three main sectors: software development, IT, and video surveillance. With our experience, we are capable of managing projects in each of these domains.

Geneva and the Jet d'Eau

Software Development

We create custom software tailored to the specific needs of our clients, using the latest technologies to ensure performance and security.

If you need a specific platform for your industry, such as an automation or management solution, we develop a customized CMS that meets all your requirements.

Software Development

Video Surveillance

We offer advanced video surveillance systems, including high-quality cameras and real-time monitoring solutions to ensure your security.

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We integrate features with artificial intelligence, such as gate opening by license plate recognition, as well as many other options.

Video Surveillance

IT and Computing

Our IT team offers comprehensive IT solutions, including network management, technical support, and system maintenance.

If you need advice on a new IT architecture, we are here to guide you.

IT Services